Branching space-times in theory and application

Are there space-time events with real alternative outcomes that, even with the best knowledge, cannot be clearly predicted? "Yes!" is the clear answer that Thomas Müller, Nuel Belnap and Tomasz Placek give in their open access book.
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The concept of determinism is based on the assumption that everything that takes place in our space-time is predetermined. Based on clear rules and laws, all events take a course that cannot be influenced. In their open access book "Branching Space-times: Theory and Applications", Thomas Müller, a professor of philosophy at the University of Konstanz, and his colleagues Nuel Belnap and Tomasz Placek take the objective-indeterminist position that there are events that cannot even theoretically be predicted clearly. For the first time, they comprehensively present the formal theory of "branching space-times" in addition to describing the philosophically relevant consequences of their theory as well as its applications in metaphysics and the philosophy of science.

The open access book (doi: 10.1093/oso/9780190884314.001.0001) from Oxford University Press is available for free download from the Konstanz Online Publication System (KOPS). The open access expenses were paid in part by the University of Konstanz's publication fund.

Daniel Schmidtke

By Daniel Schmidtke - 17.08.2022