Expand your open science skills

Would you like to learn more about open science or give courses on the subject? Team Open Science in the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) at the University of Konstanz shares corresponding self-study units as open educational resources.
© Manfred Steger on pixabay.de

The Open Science Basic Course and the Open Science Advanced Course teach the basics and provide deeper insight into the world of open science. The free courses from KIM's Team Open Science are in English and cover central aspects of open science. After an introduction to key terms – like open access publishing, research data management (RDM) and open educational resources (OER) – the courses also provide information about the FAIR principles, suitable repositories, legal considerations and persistent identifiers (PID).

The Advanced Course expands upon topics covered in the Basic Course and covers additional components, such as: What open access models are there? Where and how can I publish open access? The course also takes a look at new aspects of legal issues and RDM as well as the topics of citizen science, open science strategies/policies and alternatives to the impact factor. 

All course materials are available for free reuse under the Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0.

The course covering open science basics is available on the Team Open Science website as well as in the Zenodo repository, and its content can be reused for free (CC BY 4.0).

The Open Science Advanced Course is also available on the Team Open Science website and on Zenodo. Its content, too, can be reused for free (CC BY 4.0).

Maximilian Heber und Emilia Mikautsch

By Maximilian Heber und Emilia Mikautsch - 16.04.2024