Public administration in the digital age

Necessary digital skills, acquired through an open access curriculum with free teaching material for public administration & management study programmes – co-initiated by Ines Mergel, professor of Public Administration and Digital Governance.
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All civil servants need a range of competencies for the digital age. To this end, members of "Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age", professors and practitioners from ten countries, developed open education resources in the form of "teach the teacher" materials.

The curriculum is designed to fit both Public Administration and Public Policy master's programmes, and is flexible enough to be taught in other public affairs programmes, too. The course not only aims at teaching staff, but also at persons working in public administration who would like to expand their skills.

The materials include global experiences and research findings that, due to their multidisciplinary nature, can be adapted to meet the needs of teachers from different backgrounds. The curriculum is continuously being optimized.

The "teach the teacher"-materials are available in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Maria Schorpp

By Maria Schorpp - 08.12.2022